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APPSC Panchayat Secretarey Screening Test 2019 Question Paper and Answer Key

    1.Who holds the post of Director, Gateway for Accelerated Innovation in Nuclear
    (GAIN) initiative USA?
    Rita Baranwal

    2.Sunderban in Hooghly delta is known forMangroves

    3.In which district of Andhra Pradesh, ISRO Satish Dhawan Space Centre is located

    4.ICT stands for:
    Information and communication technology

    5..Which is the state animal declared by Andhra Pradesh Government four years
    after bifurcation of undivided Andhra Pradesh in 2014?

    6.Which of the following is not a water borne disease?

    7. Who among the following is considered as the ‘father of artificial intelligence’?
    John McCarthy

    8.Which of the following is the highest peak of Satpura Range?

    9.The Andman And Nicobar Islands, are the submerged parts of mountain range are

    10.Garo hills are a part of which among the following states of India?

    11.In terms of area, Andhra Pradesh is the. ……..largest state of India.

    12.On which river was Pulichintala project constructed?
    River Krishna

    13.How many OIL refineries are there in Andhra Pradesh?

    14.When do we celebrate the International day for Eradication of Poverty?
    17 October

    15.Nuclear explosive devices were tested in India at-

    16..What does PPTP stand for?
    Point to point tunneling protocol
    17. How many years of work experience in high court is required to become the
    Chief Justice of Supreme Court?
    10 years

    18.When did Vasco da Gama discover the sea route from Europe
    to India?

    19.In 1953 under whose chairmanship was the first OBC commission formed?
    Kaka Kalelkar

    20.Which country’s airline introduced world’s first single use plastic free passenger

    21.Which Act divided legislative powers between the Centre and Provinces ?
    The Government of India Act 1935

    22.India’s golden triangle is a tourist circuit which does not connect the city of

    23.What is the main objective of Vanbandhu Kalyan Yojana?
    Welfare of tribals

    24.How many Assembly Constituencies are there in Andhra Pradesh?

    25.The economy of Andhra Pradesh is basically an economy of
    Agriculture Sector
    26.Remote sensing includes gathering of
    27.Which Article is related with “Abolition of Untouchability”?
    Article 17
    28. The platform that has been set up by the Ministry of Women and Child
    Development, Government of India under RashtriyaMahilaKosh (RMK) is:
    Mahila e-haat
    29. Which flagship scheme of the state of Telangana provides financial assistance to
    BPL families to meet the catastrophic health needs?
    30.Who is the chairman of NDMA (National Disaster Management Authority)?
    The Prime Minister of India

    31. The unique public private partnership program, by Andhra Pradesh Government
    which gives citizens an opportunity to interact with the government without coming to
    any government office is

    32.The book “Runs’n Ruins” is written by:
    Sunil Gavaskar

    33. Which among the following is not the major bathing date during the Kumbh?
    None of the above

    34.When did the Nizam Government lift the ban on Hyderabad state congress?

    35.The total number of “Fundamental Duties” mentioned in the constitution is:

    36.Respect for the National Flag and National Anthem is:
    Fundamental duty of every citizen

    37.The National Judicial Appointments Commission has been declared
    unconstitutional by:
    The Supreme Court of India

    38.Which of the following countries is represented by AU as its domain name?

    .39. What is the full form of USB as used in computer related activities?
    Universal Serial Bus

    40.Which among the following is not a tribe of Andhra Pradesh?

    41.Which type of soil dominates Andhra Pradesh?
    Red soil

    42.Which country has won eight Women’s Hockey World Cup Titles?

    43.Siddaganga Matt is situated in:

    44.Pravasi Bharatiya Sammelan of the year 2019 was held at:

    45.Which of the following cricketer was awarded man of the series in Australia vs
    India ODI concluded in Jan 2019?

    46. As per 2011 Census, the literacy rate of India in percentage was:

    47. National Income in India is computed by the

    48. Reserve Bank Staff College is situated at:

    49. “Dunkel Draft” is concerned with:


    50. Which of the following is not a member of ASEAN?

    51. World Population Day is celebrated on:
    11th July

    52. The chairman of the 14th Finance Commission was:
    Y. V. Reddy

    53. “Kalpasutra” is a text related to:

    54. Andhra Pradesh came into existence in :

    55. Under the 31st Constitutional Amendment Act the number of parliamentary seats
    Increased to :

    56. Which of the following is a non metal that remains liquid at room temperature?

    57. Which of the following social reformers mainly advocated for widow remarriage?

    Ishwar Chandra Vidyasagar

    58. The only session of Indian National Congress which was presided by Mahatma
    Gandhi was held at:


    59. Who among the following was the leader of Mahagujrat Movement?
    Indulal Yagnik

    60. If wall is called window, window is called door, door is called floor, floor is called
    roof and roof is called ventilator, what will a person stand on?


    61. Rearrange the letters given below to form a meaningful word and select from the
    given alternatives the word which is almost opposite in meaning to the word so


    62. If the letters in PRABHA are coded as 275965 and TILAK are coded as 38451,
    how will BHARATI be coded?


    63. Find the missing number in the series:
    4, 7, 13, 25, ?

    64. Match the following:
    a) 4 i) 343
    b) 7 ii) 729
    c) 8 iii) 64
    d) 9 iv) 512
    a-iii, b-i, c-iv, d-ii

    65. In a row of forty children P is thirteenth from the left end and Q is the ninth from
    the right end. How many children are there between P and R if R is fourth to the left
    of Q?

    66. P is the brother of Q and R. S is R’s mother. T is P’s father. Which of the
    following statements cannot be definitely true?
    Q is T’s son

    67. The Residual Andhra Pradesh will have a substantial resource gap to finance its
    due to

    Section 46(1) of the Act

    68. The Provisions of AP Reorganization Act Provides apportionment of liabilities on
    the basis Of
    Population Ratio
    69. . In AP Reorganisation Act, the right to recover arrears of the tax or duty on
    property to the successor state is as per the
    Section 50 of the Act
    70. The newly formed Andhra Pradesh has to depend mainly on resources like

    Off shore resources
    71. Hyderabad being a Common capital for both the States, its revenues shall be
    Given to Telangana

    72. Under which section of the A P Re organization Act, did the Central government
    provides Special financial support for the creation of essential facilities.

    Section 95

    73. New projects on water resources of Godavari or Krishna will be initiated only after
    obtaining sanction from the
    Apex Council

    74. Fathom is the unit of

    75. In an election between two candidates, one got 55% of the total valid votes, 20%
    of the votes were invalid. If the total number of votes was 7500, the number of valid
    votes that the other candidate got, was:

    76. Which Constitutional Article supported the establishment of Panchayat Raj System?
    Article 40

    77. Define Democratic Governance?
    Participation of Public in Power

    78. The main objective behind establishment of Panchayat Raj Institutions is
    Social Justice, Economic Empowerment

    79. Which Committee recommended Constitutional Status to the Panchayats?
    L. M. Singhvi Committee

    80. Which was not a reason for the decline of Panchayat Raj Institutions between 1960 -70?
    Absence of the literates in the villages

    81. The major change that occurred in the Panchayat Raj System after 73rd constitutional
    amendment is/was
    Uniform system

    82. What is the main objective of the PESA Act?
    All the above

    83. Which committee recommended for the representation of SC/ ST and Women in
    Standing Committees?
    JalagamVengala Rao Committee

    84. Which round of the elections are going to be held for Panchayat Raj Institutions in AP?
    th Round
    85. What is the weightage given to the autonomy of the Panchayat Raj Institutions in the
    Devolution Index?

    86. Who has the power to ban sewerage flow on to the public roads and to improve the
    sanitary conditions in any area of the village?
    Gram Panchayat
    87. Who will administer the cremation or burial of destitute human beings and animals in the
    Gram Panchayat
    88. Who has the power to scrutinize the records of the Gram Panchayat?
    89. Who plays a vital role in establishing the Joint Action Committees to look after the
    works taken up with the funds of Gram Panchayat/ Mandal Parishad or Zilla Parishad
    and resolve the disputes that arise between two or more panchayats?
    90. Can the Gram Sabha members request for organizing a Gram Sabha? If so, how
    many of them should submit in writing to the Sarpanch?
    Yes, 10% of the Gram Sabha Members or 50 Members
    91. What are the Committees that the Gram Panchayats have to formulate to improve
    the transparency and accountability in the administration and also participation of public
    in village development?
    Functional Committees

    92. The 10% land inherited by lay-outs, Parks etc., are the properties to be protected by
    the Gram Panchayat as it is an important one among the responsibilities of the Gram
    Panchayat falling under which Category?
    Category – A
    93. Who will supervise the “Gram Panchayat Properties Protection Wing Committees”
    established in the Districts at Commissionerate level?
    Vigilance, Encroachment Wing
    94 .Which Constitutional Article supports the establishment of District Planning
    Article 243D
    95. What is the distance to be maintained in between the Cattle shed and the main building
    of residential premises and the distance between the water sources and the
    Community Toilets in the Village respectively?
    10 Mts, 250 Mts
    96. Who is responsible to inform the births which happened at hospital, nursing home,
    jail, choultry, rest house etc., and the dead corpse or the babies thrown into open places
    to the Gram Panchayat?
    Concerned Officer/ In-Charge/ The first seen
    97. What is the amount of population for which one tube well could be established
    according to the Water, Land and Trees (WALTA) Act, 2004?
    250 population
    98. Which act empowers the local bodies to collect the arrears of taxes and non-taxes
    that are due?
    Andhra Pradesh Revenue Recovery Act, 1864

    99. What is the report prepared by NITI Aayog which is mandated to oversee the
    progress of the nation along with the Sustainable Development Goals Agenda 2030?
    SDG India Index 2018
    100. The scheme Accelerated Rural Water Supply Programme (ARWSP) designed in
    the year 1972-73 to provide drinking water facility in the villages is now transformed
    National Rural Drinking Water Programme (NRDWP)

    101. What is the extent of land and the number of installments through which the
    farmers are able to get Rs.6000/- per annum under Pradhan Mantri Kisan Samman
    Nidhi yojana?
    2 Hectares, 3 Instalments
    102. Under PPP, in which area is the Andhra Pradesh Government going to establish
    “Andhra Pradesh Fisheries and Ocean University”?
    Bhimavaram, West Godavari District
    103. What is the capacity of Solar power, that Andhra Pradesh is going to produce in 5
    years according to the “Solar Power Policy – 2018”?
    5000 MW
    104. What are the schemes that are being converged with the scheme NTR Grameen
    GruhaNirman, implemented by Andhra Pradesh Government and what is the Unit
    PMAY (G) & MGNREGS, Rs. 2.00 Lakhs
    105. The ratio of funds, that are being allotted under MGNREGS for construction of the
    Gram Panchayat Buildings and what is the unit value in Tribal Areas?
    90:10, Rs. 19.00 Lakhs
    106. The main objective of the second phase of Capital Infusion through which the State
    Government is providing financial assistance under “Pasupu – Kumkuma” programme
    to the SHG Women is ?
    To strengthen their economic capacity

    107. What is the System that leverages e-Governance tools to establish institutional
    framework to achieve maximum governance with minimum government along with
    ensuring performance indicators system in real-time for effective and efficient public
    Real Time Governance
    108. Name the scheme that is meant to provide sanitary napkins to Women both in
    Andhra Pradesh urban and rural areas for 50% subsidy and free supply to the
    adolescent girl students studying in Govt. run schools i.e. Government, Z.P.,
    Municipal/KGBVs,Model Schools and Aided Schools?

    109. Indian Government has launched an integrated support system with a single
    emergency number to address different kinds of emergencies for the citizens from 1st
    January, 2019, identify the Help Line Number among the following?
    110. What is the target decided by India to bring down stunting in children in the age
    group 0 – 6 under the Mission POSHAN Abhiyan?
    111. In which Sector did Vizianagaram District of AP bagged 1st rank in Aspirational
    Districts of NITI Aayog?
    Agriculture & Water Sources
    112. Name the single umbrella programme formulated to bring the change in the 5000
    rural clusters and to achieve a Poverty Free India by 2022?
    Mission Antyodaya
    113. Name the programme of Andhra Pradesh Government, meant to reduce the
    poverty ratio of the state from 9.2% to 0% by 2029?
    Pedarikam Pai Gelupu
    114. What is the rating given to the Gram Panchayats to align their development and
    welfare agenda to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) framework in Andhra
    10 Star Rating

    115. The Vital part in preparation of Gram Panchayat Development Plans is
    Collection of Data and Situation Analysis
    116. What are the budget allocations made by Andhra Pradesh Government to the
    Agriculture Sector in the year 2018-19?
    Rs.19,070 Crores.
    117. The Extent and the Cost of Mega Seed Park that is going to be established in
    the village Tangadencha Agriculture Farm in Kurnool District to develop the State as
    a World Seed Bank are ?
    650 Acres, Rs.670 Crores.
    118. What are the Cards that have been issued to the tenant farmers through the
    Dept. of Agriculture in AP to facilitate the availability of institutional credit, crop
    insurance, farm implements and input subsidy?
    COC Cards
    119. which Andhra Pradesh Project was selected as one of the 10 Best Projects out
    of 120 global entries and won 3rd place in the Global Award at Paris Peace Forum in
    November 2018.
    Zero Budget Natural Farming
    120. The share of Service Sector in Andhra Pradesh Economy is?
    121. What is the primary objective of the Comprehensive Financial Management
    Single source of truth

    122. The net Public Debt in Budget Estimates 2019-20 of Andhra Pradesh State
    Rs. 30,161.73 Crores.
    123. What is the aim of Retail Trade Policy 2016 of formulated by the Andhra Pradesh
    Development Retail Sector
    124. What is the target of providing additional employment opportunities in the sector by
    2020 in Retail Trade sector?
    125. What is the subsidy provided to the Executing Agencies for development of
    infrastructure under M-Parks Policy 2018 – 2023 ?
    Both (1) and (2)
    126. What are the number of MSMEs, around which 200 parks are targeted to be
    created under M-Parks Policy and the value of Investment by 2023?
    30,000 MSMEs, Rs. 45,000 Crores.
    127. What is the cap on Incentives that will be provided to various Textile, Apparel
    units under “The Textile, Apparel, and Garments Policy 2018-2023”?
    All of the Above
    128. To continue the progress achieved in the Agriculture Sector in the State, The
    Government has established Convergence Committees under the chairmanship of……
    District Collector

    129. Define Community Based Organizations (CBOs)?
    Organizations which extend social services locally
    130. A Scheme, which is a best example for Convergence is ?
    Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme

    131. According to the National Policy for Women, 2016 (Draft) Companies may be
    encouraged to reserve at least ………………. of their CSR for gender related
    development projects.
    132. The gender focal points, gender desks, gender budgeting cells set up in Ministries,
    State Government Departments, Panchayats and Urban local bodies serve as a focal
    point for …….?
    Advancing data collection on various issues affecting women that require
    immediate attention and intervention.
    133. What is the amount of Capital Investment distributed to the SHG Women under
    DAY- NRLM Scheme till November 2018?
    Rs. 5919.71 Crores.
    134. How many Women Farmers have been registered under MahilaKisanSasaktikaran
    Pari yojana by November 2018?
    Rs. 35.92 Lakhs
    135. What is the loan amount distributed to the SHG Women through “Stree Nidhi”
    during the year 2018-19?
    Rs. 4313 Crores.
    136. The total number of beneficiaries benefitted under “Chandranna Bhima” till
    December 2018 are ?
    137. Who is authenticated to calculate the house tax for a newly constructed building in
    the area of Gram Panchayat?
    Panchayat Secretary

    138. What are the minimum and maximum limits decided to calculate the house tax on
    Capital Value Basis as per Andhra Pradesh Panchayat Raj Act 1994?
    1/8% – 1%
    139. What is the rate of tax to be calculated for Vacant Lands that are adjacent to the
    buildings or related to the households under section 60 (3) of Andhra Pradesh
    Panchayat Raj Act 1994?
    Rs. 2 Paise per Rupee per Annum on the annual rent of land
    140. What is the distribution ratio of income derived from the Zilla Parishad markets
    among PRIs?
    141. What is the extent of land that shall be earmarked in a plot for parking purpose
    while issuing permission for the construction of a Commercial Building?
    142. What is the percentage of funds to be allocated to take up the welfare activities
    from Gram Panchayat Funds?
    143. What is the percentage of earnest money deposit, that a contractor has to deposit
    with Gram Panchayat while submitting the tenders for the development works in a Gram
    Panchayat area?
    2.5% on Estimate amount
    144. Surcharge Certificate is equal to ………
    Court Decree

    145. What is the fee collected in view of sale and purchase of fixed assets in a Gram
    Panchayat area and what percentage of amount from the above would be credited to the
    account of the Gram Panchayat on Quarterly basis?
    Surcharge on Stamp Duty, 1.5%
    146. Which scheme funds are being released directly to the Gram Panchayat accounts?
    a. Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme (Material
    b. National Rural Health Mission
    c. 14th Finance Commission Funds
    d. NTR Grameen GruhaNirman
    a, b and c
    147. The method adopted by Panchayat Raj Institutions for maintaining their accounts?
    Both (2) and (3)
    148. What is the online financial management system through which the Government of
    India monitors the fund flow released to States under various schemes?
    Public Finance Management System
    149. Which PES Application plays a crucial role in tracking the physical and financial
    status of a work taken up through Gram Panchayat Development Plan?
    Action Soft
    150. As on 31.01.2019, the cash book balance is Rs. 12,000. Amount adjusted to
    Treasury by the way of Profession Tax is Rs. 5000. Cheque issued towards a payment
    for a work Rs. 17,000 ( is still uncashed)
    What is the balance of funds in Gram Panchayat as per pass book?
    Rs. 34,000

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